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What's so special about BOOKS? Large Print

What's so special about BOOKS? Large Print

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Dimensions: 11 in by 11in square pages Cover is slightly larger

Font size: 90

32 leaf pages, 63 printed pages

This engaging and delightful book may be enjoyed by both readers with and without print size barriers.

*Come along for the ride as Grandpa takes twins, Jamie and Amy on a whirlwind adventure to discover the magic of books! This sweet and relatable story emphasizes the importance of keeping book collections properly and safely stored and encourages reading, imagination, tidiness and creativity!

This LARGE print story, also available with REVERSE CONTRAST (Black background with white letters), provides:

- Bold fonts (Calibri size 90 +)

- Adequate word and letter spacing

-Large book dimensions and large bold images.

-This book may also be applied as a learning tool to encourage early readers (with or without print size barriers) to read independently at story time.

Author: Krystle Boateng
Illustrator: Stacy Hummel

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