Meet Krystle B.



Krystle A. Boateng is the Founder of Inside Ability Books and is the Author of the books created by the brand. Inside Ability Books is an outlet for her creativity and passion for inspiring and helping others. After becoming legally blind at the age of 19, creative writing helped her discover hope and a determination to thrive in spite of adversity. She would later transpose those inspirational poems onto artful canvases. As a legally blind Mom of two small kids she saw a need in the children’s book market for more accessible print options. She once again tapped into her creative writing skills to produce the accommodation that was not available to her. Krystle previously worked for many years in the non profit sector as a disability advocate and empowerment coach.

Krystle's brands reflect her passions for living with purpose, breaking barriers and being of service to humanity. Her poetry art-pieces ( provide inspiration for others to achieve their highest intentions despite the obstacles of life.  The accessible print  children’s books she creates provide inclusion to:
-Story time readers and age 0 to early-reader-aged children who experience vision loss and benefit from large print
-Families with young children who do not experience vision loss but have readers that prefer large print

These important books allow even more readers to engage actively in story time learning--an important foundation to early literacy and language development!

You can learn more about Krystle from the interviews below. And you may contact Krystle through the contact page on this website or by emailing