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Rubber & Glue Reverse Contrast Edition

Rubber & Glue Reverse Contrast Edition

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Rubber & Glue is Author Krystle Boateng's remix and dissection of the old school saying " I'm Rubber and you're Glue, anything you say to me bounces off of me and sticks to you" 

This stick figure book of metaphors and life lessons teaches age 5-9 year -olds (or younger) the benefits of self confidence and how the weight of other people's opinions is as heavy or insignificant as YOU make it.

Page dimensions 11in x 11 in


This LARGE print bedtime story, also available with REVERSE CONTRAST (Black background with white letters), provides:

- Bold fonts 90+

- Black background with white letter text (reverse contrast)

- Adequate word and letter spacing

-Large book dimensions and large bold images.

This close proximity to the text should further provide ease in reading and improve reading posture.

-This book may also be applied as a learning tool in classroom settings.

Author: Krystle Boateng
Illustrator Stacy Himmel


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