With warm and sincere gratitude I THANK YOU for supporting the Inside Ability Books launch. You can feel confident knowing you have  contributed to a great organization with high hopes of accommodating  countless low vision caregivers and early readers to participate more comfortably in story time bonding/learning.  Your purchase and or donation is funding startup costs which include the upfront cost of book design and manufacturing of bulk inventory. As well as, press  and advertisements targeted at this niche  (but growing) audience. This inclusive product will give those most underserved by the children's storybook market options and will provide awareness in households who do not experience these challenges. The more that diverse human experiences are shared openly the more inclusive society becomes as a whole.

Best wishes and more power to your purpose!



* Yvonne Mullings

* Skye Young

* Ricky Parris

* Joanne Walcott

* Stephanie Leblanc-Godfrey

* Candace Jordan

* Marilys Candelario

* Delores Collins

* Anna Francis-Finch


* Nora Mahmoud

* Sandra Daley-Clarke

* G. Young

* Marilys Candelario

* Damian Mullings

* Joanne Walcott

* Anna Francis-Finch

* Oheneba Addo

* Chris Gyamfi

* Ricky Parris


* Marilyn Marcel

* Elsina P.

* Clayton Kadushin

* Diana Duvi

* Tunesia Jeter

* Lasheena Hall-Lewis

* Andre Garcia

* Gerry Philogene

* Karen Opokua

* Melissa & Tex King aka TaTa

* Earl Spooner

* Alethia L. Tyrell

* Camille 

* Marcia McEwan

* Cindy J. Schect

* Sara Singletary

* Candace Jordon 

* Leonard Lee

* Cecille Hall

* Bettina Hicks

* Mabel Cover

* Carlos Roberts


* Marcia McEwan

* Camille

* Alethia L. Tyrell


** Many THANKS to all of the Backers who chose not to be listed as well!!**