About Inside Ability Books


Inside Ability Books TM  is a provider of large print and high contrast children's books. Vision loss is a spectrum and each person's access needs to printed material will differ.

Inside Ability Books creates children's literature  in a format that aims to address barriers related to small print or low contrast reading material. Our books allow Caretakers who experience these challenges to more comfortably participate in story time bonding.  Additionally, children who have these same visual barriers may also follow along more easily to learn the words on the page.

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"Inside every Disability lies an Extraordinary opportunity for  Accessible and Inclusive Innovation"
-Krystle Boateng

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There are a myriad of high-tech and low-tech accommodations that provide readers with low vision access to printed material. Large print with high contrast is only one medium. If you or a loved one has recently experienced significant changes in your vision, please contact a physician right away. Additionally, each state in the USA has Vocational Rehabilitation agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired. These agencies provide resources for vision loss support and adaptive skills and technology training. Feel free to check out our State Resource Directory page to find an agency near you!